What Should I Look for When Hiring Someone to Start My Nonprofit?

Hiring someone to help you start and grow your nonprofit is a big decision and one you shouldn’t make lightly. If you’re thinking about hiring a nonprofit attorney, there are a few things you should look for to make sure you are making the best investment. We want to make it as easy as possible to know you are making the best decision for your nonprofit. We have listed the four main things you should look for when hiring someone to start your nonprofit.

1. Founders’ Protection Bylaws

Before you hire a nonprofit attorney, you will want to make sure that the package has everything you need. Most nonprofit attorneys will offer typical services such as the articles of incorporation, a tax ID number, and the filings for 501c3 tax-exempt status, but any additional services will likely cost you extra.

One important thing you should make sure is offered before you hire a nonprofit attorney is the founders’ protection bylaws. You need custom bylaws that are going to protect you. Chisholm Law Firm offers our clients our proprietary founders’ bylaws. These bylaws are designed with one thing in mind, to make sure founders are not voted off their own boards. You’ve worked hard to build your nonprofit, so you deserve the peace of mind in knowing that you will be the one continuing out the success of your nonprofit. 

Many law firms will try and nickel and dime you for any additional services not included in their package. At Chisholm Law Firm, our founders’ protection bylaws are included in our package. We offer everything you could need with no unexpected fees. 

2. Registered Federal Trademark

Another thing many nonprofit attorneys will not include in their packages is registering your federal trademark. There are so many reasons you need a trademark for your nonprofit. It protects your organization from identity theft and makes it easier to establish a credible nonprofit. 

Again, our team at Chisholm Law Firm is not here to nickel and dime you. This important service is included in our package at no additional cost to you. We are specialized in registering trademarks, and we’re proud of our 100% success rate.

3. Specialization

Starting your nonprofit can be a big undertaking, and it’s not the same as starting a for-profit business. When choosing an attorney for your nonprofit, make sure you’re hiring a team that is specialized in nonprofits. You want an expert in the field to handle the paperwork for you so that it’s done right the first time. 

Others might tell you that they know enough about starting a business, but starting a nonprofit is a whole different ballgame. Make sure that the team you hire is equipped and ready to get your nonprofit started. Chisholm Law Firm has helped thousands of individuals start nonprofits. You can trust that our team will handle anything and everything to get your nonprofit up and running.

4. Expert Legal Advice

There are lots of people that will tell you they can help start your nonprofit, but at the end of the day only specialized nonprofit attorneys can offer legal advice. You will run into many questions as you go down the journey of starting your nonprofit. And when those questions arise you will need an attorney you can come to for answers. An accountant, a financial advisor, or any other type of professional offering their services to you cannot offer you legal advice. They can only help you so much. Hiring a nonprofit attorney that’s prepared to answer all of your questions is the best move for your sanity and for the success of your organization. 

Starting a nonprofit is not a simple task. You need the right team with the right expertise to help you on this journey. Our team has helped thousands of people start and grow nonprofits that impact the world. If you want the best for your nonprofit, look no further than Chisholm Law Firm. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.


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