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“We are proud of our 100% success rate for our nonprofit & trademark filings since 2010.*”


We’ll Trademark Your Name!

You care about your future and want to legally own your name, logo and/or slogan to make sure no one else can steal what you created.

It’s yours and you deserve to be able to do what you want with it.

You also want to have a search done to make sure you don’t get into legal trouble by building a brand based on a name that someone else already owns.

We can help. We’ll conduct a legal name search – not a Google search – so that you can be confident that you’re building a brand that is yours.

You’ll work one-on-one with a trademark attorney – not a do it yourself computer app or overseas call center.

We’ll serve as your trusted advisor to answer your questions, give you strategy and protect your brand.

We work with individuals that are serious about protecting their brands and are in a financial position to invest in protecting their business.

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We’ll Start & Grow Your 501c3 Nonprofit

You’ve done well for yourself – but deep down inside you know that now is the time for you to pursue your passion and do something to give back.

You want to start a legacy and make a difference by starting your own nonprofit.

But, you need your nonprofit structured properly and setup correctly for success!

You don’t want to be worried about things not being done correctly.

You’ve worked hard for your reputation and want to keep it.

You also don’t have the time or energy to do it on your own.

You know what you want to do but don’t really know the steps to get it all done or where to start.

We can help!

We handle everything from start to finish to let you become a legitimate nonprofit with access to unlimited grants and funding.

We have a 100% success rate for our nonprofit filings for the past 8 years.

We work with individuals that are serious about starting a nonprofit and are in a financial position to invest in their dream.

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501c3 Tax Exempt Status →
Grant Writing 

“If you are serious about your future – you’ve come to the right firm.”

We don’t accept everyone as clients. Our reputation is everything
and we choose to work with clients that take their futures seriously – because we take our work seriously.




Nonprofit Startup & 501c3 Tax Exempt Applications

We help established individuals that care about their futures start and grow nonprofits that will change the world.

Grantwriting for Nonprofits

We help nonprofits double their operating budgets by applying for well-researched grants that increase their likelihood of getting funded.

Federal Trademark Registration

We also help serious entrepreneurs and professionals legally own their name, logo and slogan with registered trademarks so they don’t have to start over.

Volunteer Recruitment for Nonprofits

We help nonprofit founders “clone themselves” by creating systems and procedures that allow you to effortlessly delegate to volunteers without worrying knowing that they will do it at the same level of excellence that you would.

Fundraising for Nonprofits

We’ll write fundraising letters, emails, social media posts and call scripts that get a response and turn into increased revenue for your nonprofit.

Executive Compensation

We help you pay yourself (if you desire) and your team competitive salaries and benefits while remaining in compliance with the I.R.S.

Scaling Your Nonprofit Operations

We help you grow your nonprofit by increasing your capacity to serve more people without sacrificing your health and family time.

Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

We create powerful plans that you can execute to raise money, hire staff, host programs, recruit volunteers, run your board, remain in compliance and more!


  • Erica Solis
    Great experience with the team at Chisholm Law Firm...
         Great experience with the team at Chisholm Law Firm, I highly recommend them if you are thinking about starting a non-profit. You will be in good hands with them!
  • Todd & Gladys West
    I want to personally thank Ms. Chisholm for her assistance...
         I want to personally thank Ms. Chisholm for her assistance in establishing a Trademark for Elite Animation Academy. Our intellectual property strategy was very important to us for our brand, but our knowledge about the process was limited, after consulting with Ms. Chisholm we found the process very streamlined , expedited , and easy. We found Ms. Chisholm very responsive, knowledgeable , and professional from start to finish. We are pleased to know that our brand is now secure and we can now go forward to expand our marketing strategies and follow our growth plan for our schools.
  • Allen Sharper
    While everyone’s word-of-mouth doesn’t always pan out for people...
         While everyone’s word-of-mouth doesn’t always pan out for people, Audrey Chisholm of Chisholm Law Firm turned out to be the solution the company I founded needed. All hurdles were successfully jumped-- and the accuracy of Audrey Chisholm as well as with supporting staff, made the trademark process clearer which end-resulted in both, the Charitable Non-Profit Company established with the matching trademark issued. The quality of service reminded me and my staff of how impacting solid-solutions really are; our brand has a starting quality and the protections it needed. Our experience with the Chisholm Law firm was influential towards our goals and positive from the very start.


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