Trademarks for Nonprofits

At Chisholm Law, we understand the unique challenges nonprofits face when it comes to legal matters, especially in the realm of trademark and brand protection. We are deeply committed to helping nonprofit organizations across the United States thrive and succeed. Our outstanding success rate reflects the dedication and experience we bring to every client.

We firmly believe in transparency, and that's why we offer flat fees, so you always know what to expect without any hidden charges or hourly billing. Additionally, we're proud to provide 100% tax-deductible legal fees, ensuring that our services remain not only accessible but also cost-effective for nonprofits of all sizes.


The Importance of Brand and Trademark Protection

All organizations are built on trust, and maintaining that trust is paramount to realizing success. At Chisholm Law, we recognize the vital role trademarks play in establishing and safeguarding this trust. Trademarks protect the essence of your organization—your name, logo, and intellectual property—from unauthorized use and trademark infringement. In a world where brand integrity is crucial for attracting supporters and beneficiaries, we're here to safeguard your credibility.

From navigating application filing fees to understanding the legal benefits of trademark protection, Chisholm Law provides the insight and legal protection your organization needs to thrive.


Chisholm Law is dedicated to serving both nonprofits and for-profit businesses, setting us apart in the legal field. Whether you're a nonprofit organization aiming to protect your unique identity or a for-profit company, brand, influencer, celebrity, or athlete seeking to secure your intellectual property rights, our team is equipped to meet your trademark needs.

With a deep understanding of the nuances involved in trademark law, we provide comprehensive services that cater to a wide spectrum of clients.

From navigating application filing fees to understanding the legal benefits of trademark protection, Chisholm Law provides the insight and legal protection your organization needs to thrive.


lA trademark or Legal name search forms the bedrock of a secure brand identity. We understand how crucial it is for your name or logo to not only be unique but also legally available. This diligent search prevents potential conflicts and costly legal disputes down the road.

From navigating application filing fees to understanding the legal benefits of trademark protection, Chisholm Law provides the insight and legal protection your organization needs to thrive.


Registering a federal trademark provides nationwide protection for your brand, granting you exclusive rights to use your creative works and other intellectual property in connection with your goods and services. A federally registered trademark provides national legal recognition of trademark ownership, with exclusive rights.

At Chisholm Law, we bring extensive experience in nonprofit and for-profit trademark registration to ensure a smooth and efficient process. We offer personalized guidance, competitive rates, and flexible payment options to accommodate brands of all sizes.

Rest assured, our support doesn't stop at registration; we stand by you, assisting in protecting your trademark as well.

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We know that maintaining a trademark is as crucial as obtaining it. Chisholm Law is here to guide organizations through the renewal process with experience and dedication. Our attorneys provide personalized guidance, ensuring eligibility for renewal and assisting in completing the necessary paperwork.

Beyond renewal, we offer continuous support to guarantee trademark compliance with relevant laws and regulations. With Chisholm Law, you can rest assured that your trademarks and all other aspects of your intellectual property are protected from end to end.

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A trademark assignment is the transfer of trademark ownership, and we are experienced in guiding clients through this process. We ensure the correct execution of assignments and provide ongoing protection for trademark rights post-assignment.

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In the world of trademark law, responding to Office Actions is often necessary to overcome initial rejections. At Chisholm Law, we can assist clients in addressing these actions effectively, ensuring that their trademarks are approved and protected.

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We provide guidance on setting up holdings companies, entities specifically designed to own and manage trademarks on behalf of our clients. These holdings companies help separate trademark assets from the organization’s operational structure, enhancing protection and management.

Why Choose Chisholm Law?

At Chisholm Law, our unwavering commitment to helping your organization thrive is our driving force. We are recognized nationally as one of the top trademark filers in the U.S. for the volume of trademarks we submit for clients each year.

Our experienced legal team is ready to assist you in protecting your brand and ensuring its legacy and impact remain intact. We are here to be a reliable supporter in protecting your image and intellectual property, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—making an impact.

“We Are Proud Of Our 100% Success Rate For Our Nonprofit Filings 99.9% Success Rate for Trademark Filings Since 2010.*”

(We still have a 100% success rate for nonprofits)



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