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Chisholm Law: Providing Nonprofits a Financially Sustainable Future

At Chisholm Law, we are dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations establish a robust financing process, developing predictable funding, and empowering nonprofits to exceed their annual fundraising goals. Our holistic approach to fundraising support is designed to transform how nonprofits secure and manage their finances.

In short, we want to make sure your organization is set up for long-term financial success by forming a stable fundraising campaign strategy. Here's how we do it.

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Our Commitment to Nonprofit Fundraising

We are passionate about empowering nonprofits to thrive and make a lasting impact. Our commitment to nonprofit financing revolves around providing comprehensive fundraising services and leveraging our knowledge to secure the financial soundness and sustainability that nonprofits need.


Our holistic approach is built on personalized guidance and team training. We believe in empowering nonprofits to meet and exceed their fundraising goals by providing:

  • 1:1 Consultation: We work closely with your organization to develop a tailored fundraising strategy that aligns with your mission and values.
  • Team Training: Equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the world of nonprofit fundraising confidently.
  • Ongoing Monthly Coaching Sessions: We provide continuous support to ensure your nonprofit remains on track to meet and exceed your annual fundraising goals.

Our Comprehensive Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy

There are many ways to raise money, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every nonprofit organization. Deciding where to start is the hardest part. 

That's where we come in. 

Working with Chisholm Law ensures that your fundraising campaign is solid from a legal perspective and is optimized to meet your unique goals.

Our end-to-end fundraising campaign services cover all aspects of nonprofit financing, including:

  • Securing Corporate Sponsorships: Discover the importance of corporate sponsorships for nonprofits and how partnering with businesses can fuel your organization's growth.
  • Crafting Engaging Annual Events: Uncover the significance of fundraising events and how they engage donors and raise funds, with Chisholm Law providing invaluable guidance. From social media events to in-person affairs, we have consulted various organizations on legal best practices for organizing these lucrative opportunities.
  • Planning Effective Annual Giving Campaigns: Learn the art of planning and executing successful giving campaigns for your nonprofit. All nonprofit fundraising campaigns are different
  • Motivating Board Contributions: Engage your board members in your fundraising efforts with our guidance. Peer fundraising is a valuable tactic for any nonprofit organization, but many forget to utilize these networks as a way to raise money.
  • Acquiring Individual Gifts: Understand the strategies for acquiring individual donations effectively from multiple target markets.
  • Securing Major Donations: Discover the art of securing major charitable donations that can transform your organization's future.
  • Establishing Financial Soundness and Sustainability: Achieve financial stability and ensure your nonprofit's long-term success.


Our experienced attorneys know the importance of corporate sponsorships for nonprofit organizations. We help nonprofits understand the benefits of partnering with businesses and corporations and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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While we don't plan events for our clients, we provide comprehensive advice on how to orchestrate effective fundraising events. Understand the significance of these events, how they engage donors, and the legal compliance aspects with our experienced attorneys by your side.

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Stay on the right side of the law by understanding the legal requirements for fundraising registration. Chisholm Law has extensive experience assisting nonprofits in this area, ensuring compliance with ongoing reporting and disclosure requirements.

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Discover the significance of legally accepting in-kind donations and the importance of compliance with donation laws and regulations. From one-time online donations to recurring donations, our experienced attorneys guide nonprofits in accepting donations while maintaining proper documentation and accountability.

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Learn about fiscal sponsorship and its benefits for nonprofits, streamlining the donation process, and crafting effective giving campaigns. Our attorneys assist nonprofits in creating proper structures and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in this regard.

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Million Dollar Nonprofit™ Mastermind

Unlock the secrets to annual fundraising success with our Million Dollar Nonprofit™ Mastermind program. This invitation-only opportunity provides proven strategies, innovative approaches, and the secrets to donor engagement. Join a community of dedicated nonprofit leaders and explore new fundraising methods to help you raise the funds you need to make a difference.


  • Comprehensive Guidance: Benefit from the insight of a professional fundraiser with a track record of raising millions. Generate nonprofit fundraising ideas to boost awareness for your mission and draw more people, and funds, to support your cause.
  • Camaraderie: Connect with like-minded nonprofit founders who share your passion and challenges. Our program is a great way to expand your network and explore peer-to-peer fundraising opportunities.
  • Customized Strategies: Receive tailored insights to address your unique organizational needs and discover untapped opportunities. Then you can get creative and brainstorm new ways to spread the word and solicit donations.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to secure your spot for a thriving future and redefine your nonprofit's destiny with Chisholm Law. Say goodbye to financial strain and hello to a thriving, impactful future. Apply now to embark on your path to sustainable fundraising success.

Gathering Money for Your Nonprofit Has Never Been Easier

Crafting fundraising campaigns to drive people to your donation page can be a daunting task, especially from a legal perspective. With our support, you will be able to effectively generate successful fundraising for years to come. 

Raise more money and do more good with help from Chisholm Law.

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