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Start Your Nonprofit

Start Your Nonprofit

  • Nonprofit Incorporation
  • Federal Tax ID Numbers (Keep your personal taxes and nonprofit taxes separate)
  • 501c3 Tax Exempt Status (generally charitable, educational, religious and scientific nonprofits)
  • 501c4 Tax Exempt Status (generally engage in advocacy and lobbying and don’t have to disclose their donors)
  • 501c7 Tax Exempt Status (generally social clubs)
  • Federal Trademark
  • Registration (Keep Others From Stealing Your Nonprofit’s Name
  • Fundraising Registration (Legally register to start raising money)
  • Founder’s Protection Bylaws (Avoid Being Kicked Off Your Board)
  • State Tax Exemption Registration
Federal Trademark Registration

Federal Trademark Registration

  • You care about your future and want to legally own your name, logo and/or slogan to make sure no one else can steal what you created.
  • It’s yours and you deserve to be able to do what you want with it.
  • You also want to have a search done to make sure you don’t get into legal trouble by building a brand based on a name that someone else already owns.
  • We can help. We’ll conduct a legal name search – not a Google search – so that you can be confident that you’re building a brand that is yours.
  • You’ll work one-on-one with a trademark attorney – not a do it yourself computer app or overseas call center.
  • We’ll serve as your trusted advisor to answer your questions, give you strategy and protect your brand.
Run Your Nonprofit

Run Your Nonprofit

  • Nonprofit Business Plans
  • Budget & Financials for Nonprofits
  • Nonprofit Executive Compensation (Get Paid By Your Nonprofit)
  • Board of Directors Manuals & Training (Empower Your Board to Help You Achieve Your Vision)
  • Volunteer & Intern Agreements (Get Help Growing Your Nonprofit)
  • Annual Filings for Nonprofits (Stay in Compliance with the IRS)
  • Nonprofit 501c3 Reinstatement (Get Your Tax Exempt Status Back if You Lost It)
  • State Tax Exemption Registration
Grow Your Nonprofit

Grow Your Nonprofit

  • Grant Writing (Get Funding For Your Nonprofit)
  • Donor Agreements & Contribution Statements (Accept Donations from Major Donors)
  • Nonprofit Business Plan (Learn What it Takes to Reach Your Goals)
  • Monthly Coaching with a Nonprofit Advisor (Stay on track with your goals)
  • LLC Formation (Start a for-profit aspect of your mission)
  • Systems & Procedures (Get More Done Without Having to Do It All Yourself So You Can Experience Massive Growth)

3 Stages Of Nonprofit Growth

Start Your Nonprofit (1)

Start Your Nonprofit

You know that your life was meant to have more of a purpose. You feel a calling deep down inside to do more to give back. You know what you want to do but don’t really know the steps to get it all done or where to start.

You’ve worked hard for your reputation and want to keep it so you need to know that everything is going to be done correctly so your nonprofit isn’t labeled a “scam” or “fraud”. You also don’t have the time or energy to do it on your own. We can help! We handle everything from start to finish to let you become a legitimate nonprofit with access to unlimited grants and funding. No more worrying if you took the wrong advice on Google or wondering if things were done correctly. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing things were done right – the first time.

Run Your Nonprofit (1)

Run Your Nonprofit

Maybe you’ve already started your nonprofit but just haven’t experienced the growth you expected. You’re not sure that you have all of the legal paperwork that you need. You need someone to hold your hand, check everything and then walk you through making sure your board, volunteer team, financials are all right. You also need to know how to pay yourself legally so you don’t get in trouble.

Grow Your Nonprofit (1)

Grow Your Nonprofit

You have a clear vision but now you need money to make it happen. You’ve been spending out of your own pocket but you know there has to be a better way to help more people. You know there is money out there for you but don’t know how to get it. You also don’t want to waste time pursuing funding that you don’t qualify for. You want funding that matches your vision – not something that will require you to change or will be too much to manage. You also need systems in place so that you can delegate more to grow so that everything doesn’t fall on you. Call us! We can help. Many of our clients have received up to $1 million in funding. We will work with you to create a plan for growth and then our expert grant writer will help you get the funding you need to reach your goals.

“We Are Proud Of Our 100% Success Rate For Our Nonprofit Filings 99.9% Success Rate for Trademark Filings Since 2010.*”


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