How to Find Time to Start Your Nonprofit?

There are people with the same 24 hours a day that you have that find time to start their nonprofits while juggling work, relationships, children and more.

What is their secret? For many of them, they hire people.

They don’t spend hours on Google trying to become experts in the I.R.S. code and tax-exempt law.

They realize that the money they spend paying an expert will save them time and money.

How do they save time? Hiring an expert lets you focus on your other responsibilities instead of trying to do everything yourself. If you mess something up, you can get yourself into serious trouble with the I.R.S. You also save time by hiring an expert because you don’t have to waste time continually reapplying over and over again because your application was rejected.

How does hiring someone save them money? If you try and start your nonprofit yourself – you could spend hundreds of hours trying to learn and understand the I.R.S. Code and nonprofit law. If you make $10/hour and spend 300 hours researching – which is not uncommon – you have lost $3000. That is the same $3000 that you could have spent hiring a professional – an expert – to do the process for you.

Hiring someone also saves you money because you can avoid costly mistakes. For example, if you apply yourself or hire a cheap company and your application is rejected – you lose the $400-$850 filing fee to the I.R.S. since it is non-refundable.

We have one client that hired three different people that were unsuccessful before hiring us. Although we were able to get her nonprofit approved – she could have saved a lot of money by hiring us the first time.


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