Helpful Tips for your Trademark Application

There are several things that you should know before applying for trademarks. Here are a few things that you should know. Let’s begin with the process of deciding which type of application you should file.

Online v. Paper Applications

There are two ways to submit your application for a federal trademark. The first way is to use an online application. The second way is to use a paper application.

It is not mandatory to apply online, but we strongly recommend it. Here is why.

Applying online offers two major benefits. The first major benefit to applying online is that the USPTO offers a discount in filing fees for online applications that allow electronic communication versus other application methods. The second major benefit to applying online is that online applications are also received by the USPTO before applications that are mailed via regular postal service methods.

Applicant Information

The application must incorporate the applicant’s name or organization name, residence or enlisted office and location. A trademark can be applied for by either an organization, an association or a private individual.

Trademark Information

You must let the USPTO know the exact trademark that you wish to register. If you are applying to register a slogan, logo and company name, you will need to file a separate application for each mark.

In the event that your mark is a word mark (e.g., company name), you will have an opportunity to input it directly in the application. Be sure to list it exactly as you would like it to appear in the public records.

Making Changes

If you need to make changes to your trademark application, you may be able to depending on the nature of the change. The USPTO has very strict rules regarding amendments that can be made to applications that have already been submitted versus amendments that would require the filing of an entirely new application.

Paying Filing Fees Online

If you decide to use an online application to apply for a federal trademark, you will pay the application filing fee by using a major credit or debit card when you have finished the application. The individual who pays the filing fee will immediately receive an electronic receipt for their records. After paying, the USPTO website will direct you to a page that confirms that your application was filed and received.


In summary, the federal trademark registration process can be intimidating. Let our trademark attorney speak to you about your goals. Schedule your free consultation today!

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