How to Protect Your Home Address as a Nonprofit

How to Protect Your Home Address When Forming a Nonprofit

Protecting your home address is important. One of the requirements to legally form your nonprofit is to provide a mailing address and a physical address. If you can afford it, you can open a post office box and receive mail relating to your nonprofit at that address. 

The other requirement on the paperwork necessary to legally form your nonprofit will be providing a physical location. This needs to be an actual location where the nonprofit maintains a physical presence, not just where mail is received.

Buy or lease an office.

If you can afford it, leasing or buying an office space for your nonprofit is ideal. The downside is that this is a huge expense for a new nonprofit. Other, more cost-efficient options may be worth considering depending on your budget.

Use your office.

You can also use an office location that you have access to and permission to use. If you have a key donor or supporter who owns an office, you could ask to receive mail at their location. You could also ask to use office space at their location for meetings on occasion.

Virtual office.

Many companies will allow you to use the physical address of their office building for a flat monthly fee or a per-use fee. This may be a good option for your nonprofit if you have a modest budget but still want a professional public appearance for your organization.

Your home address.

The last option is to use your home address. Keep in mind that this address will be listed on the public record and may remain on public record even after you have changed the address in the future. It may be worth the modest investment to consider one of the above-mentioned options if protecting your privacy is a concern.

There are lots of options for protecting your personal information. If you need any help finding what is best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us for your free consultation. We are here for you. It shouldn’t be this hard to be a superhero.


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