How to Make Money with Trademarks (Series)

Welcome to our new legal series on how to make money using trademarks. That’s right. Trademarks can be used to make you more money with minimal effort. Why? Because they don’t cost you anything to create and can be turned into a money-making machine with very little investment. Most of us have thought of a catchy name, slogan or phrase but did not know how to monetize it and use it to make money. I’m sure you’ve thought of the “KEEP CALM AND…” brand before and thought to yourself that you could have thought of that.

Is it really possible to make real money with trademarks?

Of course it is! You can ask the owner of the phrase “Let’s get Ready to Rumble” who has made well over $400 million in licensing revenue according to ABC. And there are countless other companies, brands, and entrepreneurs that profit from trademarks. In fact, the internet has made it easier than ever to market your trademarks in order to make money from them. Now, I’m not promising your name will earn you millions. What I am saying is that with the proper information and effort, you too can legally protect and market your trademarks in order to make money.

So, why don’t more people make money from their trademarks?

Well, if they’re so easy to do, why aren’t we all millionaires from our trademarks? The answer to that question is really quite simple. For a very long time, trademark attorneys have been the keepers or guardians of information regarding trademarks. In order to register trademarks and legally protect them, you would have to pay thousands of dollars at a high-rise law firm. For those that could afford to register and legally protect their trademark, they were still missing the critical information regarding how to make money from their trademarks once they owned them.

Our Trademark Series

Our firm has decided to do something different. We are going to share practical steps to build a business around your trademarks free of charge. We are going to give you steps that are easy to understand in order to help you turn your creative words and phrases into profitable businesses.

In this series, we’re going to discuss several things:

  1. What is a trademark and how to make money with trademarks?
  2. How to create a trademark that makes money
  3. How to own a trademark
  4. Applying for a trademark
  5. How to apply for a trademark (part one)
  6. How to apply for a trademark (part two)
  7. How to market your trademark for big bucks
  8. How to license a trademark

This legal series is completely free. All I ask is that if you enjoy it, please share it on social media so that it can help someone else.

So, let’s get started!

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