Include this quote underneath her name: “I am a CPA and I work for a large multi-national company. I wanted to start a 501c3 to raise funds for senior dogs and the remedies for their common maladies. With my background I felt confident that I could form the corporation by following the guidelines on IRS.gov. Well, good luck with that! I conferred with an attorney in our legal department at work and he indicated I shouldn’t try to do it on my own because if it isn’t done correctly I could risk losing exempt status at some future date. His advice led me to find her book. After reading Attorney Chisholm’s book I better understood what my attorney associate had told me about the risks. After interviewing a couple of law firms, I ended up hiring Chisholm do the work and I have not been disappointed! I had my 501c3 up and running within a very short period of time. I have also referred family members to Chisholm for other legal services.

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