Get Involved in Your Community

A nonprofit’s mission is to serve communities near and far, and they accomplish this mission in various ways. However, you don’t need to start your own nonprofit to get involved in your community. Read Chisholm Law Firm’s blog to learn more. 

First Steps

Getting involved in your community requires more than just deciding that you want to. Let’s work through some of the first steps you can take to get involved.

Decide Your Commitment Level

First, you will need to figure out how much time you are willing to commit to your community, as this will impact the type of work you do. If you are looking to serve full-time on the board of an existing nonprofit, you will likely have more responsibilities than a casual volunteer.

Find the Overlap

You will also need to decide where your passions and your community overlap. Do you want to support animals in shelters or provide meals to those in need? Would you rather donate your time tutoring children or building a community garden? Each of these options is a great way to get involved but requires different levels of commitment.

Consider Your Skills

We all have different skills and resources. Some people are very financially savvy, so they may enjoy helping with fundraising. Others have hands-on skills which can benefit many various nonprofits. Considering your skills will help you create the most significant impact on your community.

Set Goals

Additionally, you will want to do some reflecting on your goals. If you’re looking for an easy way to give back to the people around you, you may enjoy working with an organization in your area. However, if you see a need that’s not being met and want to fix it, you can always start your own nonprofit.  

Research, Research, Research

There are numerous nonprofits throughout the United States without even considering global organizations. To find the best fit, you will need to do some research.

Local, National, or Global

Nonprofit organizations all look different, especially in their scale. You could look at the local nonprofits in your area or join a global organization with multiple chapters. Find a group that interests you, and see if their mission aligns with yours.

Check the Mission

Speaking of missions, it’s crucial to learn more about the nonprofit’s ultimate goal. While you may recognize the name of an organization, it’s still essential to check its mission to see what they hope to accomplish.  

Ask Questions

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s a good idea to talk with some of the organization’s members. Be sure to ask questions about what the commitment looks like, the available opportunities, and the general culture of the nonprofit.


After you’ve considered your options, it’s time to start thinking about how you will get involved. Let’s look at how you can move your theoretical ideas into concrete action.

Find Local Events

Many nonprofit organizations host events that are available to the entire community! Attending these events is an excellent way to meet existing volunteers, and it allows you the chance to support your community without a total commitment. You can find these events through newspapers, radio stations, websites, and social media.

Call Around

Another good way to find out how you can help is to call nonprofits in your area. Contacting them and asking about their opportunities is an easy way to get involved. They’ll also be able to tell you about what you need to start volunteering.

Ask Your Friends

You don’t always need to volunteer with an established organization to get involved in your community. Going out to clean the neighborhood, visiting senior centers, and donating money and resources can all be done on your own – with your friends!

Speak with an Expert

Getting involved in your community can require a bit of dedication and research, but it is a worthwhile investment. However, if you see a need that’s not being met, you may enjoy starting your own nonprofit!  

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