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✔️ Protect your reputation by avoiding IRS trouble, financial scandals and lawsuits when starting your nonprofit.

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Can starting a 501c3 nonprofit really ruin your life?

Absolutely - if you don’t know what you’re doing!

If you have the desire to give back and make a difference by helping people in need while benefiting from tax write-offs for your charitable efforts, then now is the time to fulfill your aspirations of starting a 501c3 nonprofit.

But how do you insulate against doing it wrong and making major mistakes? What if your nonprofit was to fail in the first couple of months due to lack of funding? How do you ensure you have set up everything legally and satisfied the I.R.S.?

This book is perfect for business owners, lawyers, professionals, and families that want to start a nonprofit, as well as nonprofit founders, board members, officers, employees, volunteers, donors, community partners, and more who want to start a nonprofit or that already have a nonprofit and want to make sure they're in compliance with the I.R.S. and the law.


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Here's A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Insights And Strategies You'll Find Inside The Book…

How to avoid the I.R.S. trouble when paying yourself... pg. 167
How to avoid a lawsuit when choosing a name for your nonprofit... pg. 59
How to avoid getting kicked off your own board of directors... pg. 131
11 things you need to do before accepting any major donations... pg. 145
How to avoid financial scandals when handling money for your nonprofit... pg.151
Top 7 reasons nonprofits get into legal trouble and how to avoid them... pg. 217
How to avoid liability when fundraising for your nonprofit
How to legally structure your nonprofit to avoid IRS trouble... pg. 121
The most important things you absolutely must know to avoid liability when recruiting volunteers... pg. 163
How to protect your nonprofit’s name from counterfeits and identity theft... pg. 71
10 things you need to do to avoid being sued personally for your nonprofit’s actions even if you’ve incorporated with the State... pg. 99
How to avoid losing your entire nonprofit by keeping up with annual filings... pg. 187
And much, much more!

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Meet The Author

Audrey K. Chisholm, Esq. - founder & senior partner of Chisholm Law Firm, PLLC

Her mission is to help companies and individuals start and grow nonprofits that impact the world. She has helped over 6,500 clients nationwide and has a 100% success rate for her federal trademark registrations nationwide and a 100% success rate for forming nonprofits since 2010. (Disclaimer: Past results do not determine future outcomes).

She is a sought-after speaker at conferences and events and has spoken to audiences of over 13,000 people. She is the published author of three #1 Amazon Bestselling books in their respective categories.

Attorney Chisholm is also the founder of a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, Revolution Leadership, Inc., that provides educational leadership programming to over 1,800 students nationwide and has awarded 40+ college scholarships. She resides in Orlando, Florida with her husband, financial author Dr. Juan Chisholm, three daughters and one son.

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Nonprofit Strategic Plan of Action Checklist

The first key to being successful with your nonprofit is having a plan with a clear set of action steps to implement within the first 12 months. This checklist will ensure nothing is left to chance on your road to creating a successful and sustainable nonprofit while avoiding IRS trouble, lawsuits and financial scandals.


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Get Repaid For Out Of Pocket Expenses (Template)

Don't miss out one what's due to you when starting your nonprofit. This fill-in-the-blanks legal document template means your nonprofit has to pay you back for any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses as soon as your nonprofit has unrestricted funds available.


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Ultimate Guide For New Nonprofits: FAQ’s (Workbook)

Have you ever wondered if you may be missing a step? You don't know what you don't know. But I've helped over 5,000 clients and have compiled this guide of the most commonly asked questions to help you while you're growing. This guide is NOT SOLD ANYWHERE and is only for our clients.


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Audrey K. Chisholm

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