A Law Firm for Business Owners

Business owners, startup entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders, and real estate investors deserve more. You deserve more than law firms that tell you “no” as opposed to telling you “how” you can accomplish your goals. You deserve more than lawyers that speak legalese instead of explaining things in plain english so that you can understand. You deserve more than law firms that use the “billable” method and send endless invoices without you ever really knowing how much you will have to pay for your legal service. You deserve more than a law firm that starts the timer every time you call with a simple question. You deserve more.

Our law firm is different. We believe in providing quality and affordable legal services. We use legalese in the courtroom – but speak plain english to our clients. We offer free consultations and don’t bill our clients every time they pick up the phone to ask a question. We believe in finding solutions – not just highlighting problems. And almost all of our legal services are flat fees so you know exactly how much you’re paying from the start. In fact, our real estate attorneys, nonprofit attorneys, business attorneys, and trademark attorneys are just like you. They are passionate about business, real estate, and nonprofits. And love being able to help you realize your dreams and goals – while protecting yourself legally. Give us a call or write us a message to say hello and let us know how we can help you build or grow your latest venture. Welcome to Chisholm Law Firm.


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