Types of Trademarks

Do you need to register your trademark but are not sure which type of trademark you need to register? If so, this article is for you! Types of Trademarks Are you at the point where you feel that you are ready to register the trademark of your company, nonprofit, product or service? Or maybe you are in Read more about Types of Trademarks[…]


Everything You Need to Know about Trademark Renewal

Trademark Renewal In order to maintain your trademark once it has been registered with the federal government, you will need to renew it regularly. One of the easiest ways to lose the rights that you have worked so hard to acquire through your trademark is to fail to renew your trademark. What is the Renewal Read more about Everything You Need to Know about Trademark Renewal[…]


What is a Trademark?

If you have ever wondered what a trademark actually is – this article should help to clear things up. Trademarks are usually among the most essential and valuable assets of a business, brand, product, service, nonprofit or a company. Why? Because trademarks allow the general public to identify goods or services in the marketplace. The more Read more about What is a Trademark?[…]


5 Ways to Protect Your Trademark

Have you ever been curious as to what you need to do to protect your trademark both before and after you have it registered? Well, hopefully this article will answer that question as we will share “5 Ways to Protect Your Trademark” Overview Your rights are protected through Federal Registration, Maintenance, Renewal, Inspection, and Enforcing Read more about 5 Ways to Protect Your Trademark[…]


What does a trademark protect?

If you have been hearing people talk about the importance of “trademark protection” for your business or nonprofit, but you don’t seem to understand what that means, don’t worry. Our trademark attorney is here to help you understand with another great article called “What does a trademark protect”. What does a trademark protect? If you Read more about What does a trademark protect?[…]


Why Register a Trademark

Have you ever wondered why it is important for your business or nonprofit to register a trademark? What is the benefit to you? In this article, we will share exactly why you should invest in registering a federal trademark to protect your brand. Why register a trademark? Businesses with a strong local reputations must take Read more about Why Register a Trademark[…]

What is a trademark used for?

Have you ever been worried about how to protect the uniqueness of your business and services? Or how to distinguish yourself from your fellow competitors in business? Our trademark attorney is here to enlighten you on what a trademark is used for and how you can use trademarks to protect yourself and your business. What Read more about What is a trademark used for?[…]